10 Things To Do Before It *Feels* Like Fall

With the official end of summer, there's still time to enjoy this transitional warm weather and sunny days. Have no fear, here are a few ideas to help you enjoy what's left of warmer days!

1. Stargazing
Get out of the city, grab your loved one(s), and snuggle up to check out the constellations. Our favorite free app, SkyView free, helps you find constellations and planets using your phone.

photo credit @babaktafreshi

2. Local Ice Cream Truck
Who doesn't love a soft serve in a cone? Ice cream trucks are making their last trips, so indulge a bit in this favorite summer past time.

photo credit @xenonangel7

3. Baseball Game
With the World Series taking place on October 30, there's still plenty of time to grab a few friends and find some cheap tickets. Watching baseball outside in early Fall is the perfect weather to enjoy the sport!

4. Outdoor Concerts
Every city has outdoor concerts - both free and ticketed. Organize a group outing with friends and family, but don't forget to bring a blanket if it's in a park. What better way than to bring snacks and beverages to enjoy!

photo credit @cherrimurray

5. Picnic In The Park
Another easy way to be outside and snack in the great outdoors. This is great for the cooler end of summer days - ones you can finally sit in the sun again without sweating too much. A picnic in the park is also a great way to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion.

6. Go Camping
There are only a few weekends left before temperatures start dropping at night, so look for some local spots you've been dying to try or return to. Don't forget to bring the s'mores.

photo credit @bound.for.nowhere 

7. Visit A Farmer's Market
What better way to shop local and restart healthy eating? After the summer indulgence, farmer's markets are great to visit and support your local economy. Plus, who doesn't love the fresh produce and maker's products? 

photo credit @meganmayw

8. Take A Day Trip
Even if you splurged on the end of summer vacation, you can still get out of the city and go someone nearby - you know, that place you've been talking about all summer ;)

9. Declutter Your Living Space
With the seasons changing, it's time to go through your living space and re-evaluate what should stay and what should go. Get rid of everything you haven't used in awhile. Start the new season on a fresh start, you'll feel so much better once you've let go of things that no longer bring you joy.

photo credit @hello_suzan

10. Make A List Of Goals You Want To Accomplish By Next Summer 
Write down in a journal (or blog, instagram, etc) specific and attainable goals you want to accomplish by next summer. The more vocal and specific you are, the more likely you are to accomplish those goals.

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