We Love Our New Packaging Update ❤️

🌎 Earth Day is everyday here at MamaP. That's why since Day 1 we've said goodbye to plastic and hello to Earth-friendly. When we first started a few years ago, many of the other bamboo toothbrush brands used plastic packaging. When seeing this, all we could think was "Doh!" That's exactly what we were trying to get away from - all that PLASTIC.

homer simpson says doh to plastic packaging for bamboo toothbrushes


Our packaging has always used undyed, kraft paper with soybean oil ink. It was simple and modern, with curved bristles. We loved how the packaging was compostable. Isn't this a dreamy photo of the bamboo toothbrush packaging on a bed of strawberries 😍 We also ship in a kraft paper mailer that's also compostable (double win!).

100% bamboo toothbrush compostable packaging


Starting out as a new brand doing things differently, it was a hard sell to retail buyers, "But you can't SEE the toothbrush in its packaging," was a common phrase. Here's the thing - even when our packaging was different, we told our story and give back message. After a few months, people starting catching on. Stores were selling out and kept reordering. We learned that people care about the planet and wanted to give back. Thank you to our early store buyers who believed in our mission. 💚


After hearing how much fun and colorful the brushes were, we wanted to bring that same excitement onto the packaging. Each package now tells you which cause the color supports. Guess which color yellow stands for 😉

yellow bamboo toothbrushes in new york


Here's a list of ways our packaging enriches the planet and soil:

🌿 Fully compostable (throw it in the compost bin with your banana peels and use it in the garden, hello regenerative agriculture and circular economy!)
🌿 No plastic or faux plastic
🌿 Made of recycled kraft cardboard paper (hello again circular economy)
🌿 Soy ink is a natural dye that doesn't hurt the soil
🌿 Information on how you brush with purpose with each purchase


kids bamboo toothbrushes in new york


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