Celebrating Another Year Of Impact....And Love

Winter is a time for reflection, self-acceptance, and growth. As we transition into the Season of Love, focusing on self-love, healthy relationships, and love for living things becomes the center. Let your love shine - you can touch hearts with your smile ❤️

Here at MamaP, 2019 was a year of gratitude.

We relentlessly focused on offering the best eco products making it Simple To Switch From Plastic To Natural.

  • New product introductions - travel accessories including toothbrush linen bags and ceramic holders
  • Features in national publications, print and online - InStyle, Real Simple, Rachael Ray Everyday, and Forbes (to name a few) 
  • Retail footprint of over 100+ stores

We make it fun to give back - choose a color and support a cause.
To date we've given over $6400 to important organizations that:
1. Reverse climate change
2. Protect human rights
3. Support people's well-being

By supporting SeaGrass Grow, we've offset over 38 tons of carbon emissions! That's the equivalent of:

  • 4 million+ smartphones charged
  • 529 tree seedlings grown over 10 years
  • Over 41 acres of US forests in a year

In 2020, we'll continue offering innovative eco products that support a healthy and balanced life and honors the environment. This year, our donations will move to 5% of sales. The decision was made so we can continue giving back and offering fair wages to employees and suppliers. 

We've got big plans ahead, including launching new products that will revolutionize the home care industry, while reducing the carbon footprint. Carbon emissions are the leading cause of climate change. We want to reinvent an old industry built on plastic and recreate it for future generations.

Over the coming months we're seeking investors to support this vision. If you know someone we could speak with, please email suz@mamap.life.

We couldn't have made it this far without you all - and we are so grateful!

Do Good. Live Better.
Suz // CEO

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