Easy to Follow Daily Self Care Routine

By Edeliza Virata, MamaP Contributor


woman seated in a meditative yoga pose


Our 7-Day Wellness Reboot is a wonderful daily routine and we advise that self-care be administered daily, and with reverence. To make it easy to do preferably every morning, here’s a simple guide in just four steps:


First, take care of your head.

Doing some breathwork right when you wake up helps supply the brain and other parts of the body with enough oxygen to gently awaken it into alertness. Alternating breaths between the left and right nostrils or doing a short meditation can start your day with clarity. Breathwork and meditation can be done before brushing your teeth with a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush. Mindful toothbrushing is also key: being present is all about doing what you are doing at the moment without ruminating about the past or thinking ahead. Brush your teeth well while you brush your teeth and try to think about nothing else.


Step two is about taking care of the heart.

writing intentions while drinking coffee "I attract all good things"

One way to build the mood of the day is by setting a few intentions. After brushing your teeth with our bamboo toothbrush, look at yourself in the mirror with loving kindness and set your intentions for the day. Simple yet good intentions prepare your heart and spirit and attract the right energies for the day. Before you move on to step three, say a few positive affirmations out loud. Place one palm over your heart, take a few deep breaths, and say, “may I be happy, may I be loved, and may I be at peace.” Repeat a few times if you feel it necessary.


The third step is taking care of the gut.

spread of nutritious food filled with fruit and nuts

A good breakfast has benefits for your energy as long as you are mindful of what you need for the day. For a long day ahead, a well-balanced meal with plenty of fruits and vegetables is recommended. For busy days, a smoothie also made of fruits and vegetables and some plant-based protein can keep the gut full, and the body and mind fueled with energy and nutrients in a healthy yet efficient way. You can prepare the ingredients for a good green smoothie the night before so that all you have to do in the morning is blend and pack away. Mama P has great biodegradable cleaning brushes to take care of your blender and other kitchen tools while you take care of your gut.


Last but not least, take care of those hands and feet.

Do a bit of hand stretching before you start a workday. Our hands and fingers do a lot of work even when we are just sitting on a desk and typing away on a gadget all day. Make sure to stretch and warm up those wrists, too. Our legs and feet also take a lot of pressure even when we spend the whole day indoors or seated. It’s beneficial to feel the ground on your feet for a few minutes with a hike or some gardening if you are able to go outdoors. Barefoot, if you can. Otherwise, a few minutes of stretching the ankles, legs, and glutes can do wonders to keep the blood flow smooth from head to toe.

 person doing a yoga stretch barefoot on the grass with sun rays in the background

This is just a simple guide, but you can optimize it according to your liking. The point is to keep a daily self-care routine that can be easy to follow especially in these times. The more you invest in loving, kind, and mindful care on yourself in a holistic way, the healthier you will be inside and out.

You can sign up for our 7-day wellness reboot series here. It's a video series of daily morning routines you can do to help you get centered: 

7-Day Wellness Reboot Video Series


About the author:

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Ede Virata always wanted to be a writer, but got caught up working as a sales associate at a Macy’s in Washington state for a year before doing brand work for a boardsport company in Manila. Plans of becoming a writer became more plausible as she entered the world of advertising, but her boss found her a natural strategic planner instead. Now she writes for MamaP while surfing and following physical distancing protocols on the coasts of Northeast Luzon, in her home, the Philippine islands. Her new plans include learning to be a permaculture gardener. 

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