How A Circular Economy Can Save Our Planet

If you’re like us, you prefer to live on a planet that can sustain life. Sure, a post-apocalyptic world’s orange tones can be eerily beautiful. But we fancy a bit more green in our lives. And frankly, the current economic model based on “consume and resume” will result in money being the only green we’ll see in the future. If only there was a system that satisfies humanity’s consumption needs without punishing our planet... Luckily for us, the Earth’s savior comes in the form of a cyclical model called the circular economy. This sustainable approach is the driving force behind MamaP’s mission to create the best bamboo toothbrush on the planet.

Circular economy

Taking Responsibility For Our Actions

If Jeff Goldblum’s character in Jurassic Park saw the current state of the natural world, he wouldn’t dare utter the words “life finds a way”. Because humanity has unfortunately moonwalked past the point where we can fall back on faith to bail us out.

Think of Mother Nature as a patient mom who nurtures and protects her rowdy children. But even she has a boiling point. And like all good children, we must know when to behave before enough is enough. With this in mind, we like to think of a circular economy as a perpetual Mother’s Day — a way to shower our planet with affection instead of taking it for granted. Poetically, this model takes guidance directly from nature where “nothing is waste and nothing is wasted”.


The Wheels On The Cycle Go Round and Round  

A circular economy manifests itself in the form of biological and technical cycles.


Two types of circular economies


In a biological cycle, food and organic materials (including natural clothing fibers and wood) are composted to feed the Earth’s soil — reigniting the creation process. The result is a healthy ongoing stream of renewable resources.

On the other hand, a technical cycle is meant to breathe new life into existing products and components through reuse, refurbishment, and recycling. Consider a broken iPhone full of non-renewable metals such as copper and nickel. In our current system, you would probably toss your phone out and buy a new one instead of fixing it. But in a circular economy, you would receive incentives that make repairing your faulty phone more attractive than buying a new one. In this way, we can reduce waste while preserving precious resources.

How A Circular Economy Can Save Our Planet

And just in case you’re wondering, MamaP’s low waste bamboo toothbrushes make use of both biological and technical cycles. In fact, all of our toothbrushes feature a fully compostable bamboo handle and easy-to-recycle nylon bristles.

To get a better understanding of the circular economy and its cycles, head on over to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s eye-opening site. We also recommend the book “Cradle to Cradle” by Michael Braungart and William McDonough.


What’s The Worst That Can Happen?

There’s no happy-go-lucky way to say this…. So we’ll just give you to you straight. Our current rate of consumption is literally killing our planet. And it’s only going to get worse with the global expansion of the middle class. While this growth means more opportunities for hard-working families and their children, it will also result in the exhaustion of non-renewable resources. 

If humanity continues this mindless binge, experts predict that there will be a 40% decrease in drinking water in the near future. What’s more, future populations will require three times more resources than are currently available in order to survive. As we mentioned in the first sentence of this article, our incredibly hospitable planet should not be taken for granted. That’s why a Circular Economy based on reusing and replenishing existing resources is the only logical choice to battle the impending resource crisis.

MamaP bamboo toothbrushes


What Part Does MamaP Play In All of This?

If you’ve read our About Us page, then you know that we’re unabashed homers for the circular economy. The name MamaP (taken from Pachamama) literally means ‘Mother Earth’ for cryin’ out loud! So it follows that we look to the circular economy as a guide on our quest to produce the best bamboo toothbrush.

How A Circular Economy Can Save Our Planet

Naturally, MamaP’s zero waste toothbrushes are produced almost entirely without plastics — with the recyclable nylon bristles being the only exception. But wait, there’s more. Each of our bamboo toothbrushes is attached to a specific environmental and social cause, with the proceeds directly supporting a related non-profit organization.

We also practice what we preach — collecting, composting, and recycling used toothbrushes of all types at our market stand in an effort to reduce waste. We send our used brushes to Terracycle, which recycles the bristles and composts the handles. You can also look up a local Terracycle drop-off center and bring your old brushes (bamboo or plastic). 

In the end, that’s what a circular economy is about: saving the Earth by combining nature’s guidance with human ingenuity.

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