How to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle

By Kim Novak


Climate crisis bringing you down? Get ready to have your day made! I’ve taken the time to research a handful of fun, simple and uplifting ways you can live a more sustainable lifestyle, and give our Mama Earth some love. 

The Morning Routine 

You wake up, ah what a lovely day. The birds are saying good morning, the sun is spilling in through your blinds. 

Thirsty? You walk into your kitchen and reach for a cup or glass, and fill it with water. 

No plastic water bottles in sight. We are with the times. 

Why would you take the time and energy to drive to the store, buy a (heavy) 30 pack of plastic  water bottles, lug it back to your place, just to have a pile of empty bottles that you have to take out to the recycling bin? 

How to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle

Also, studies show that people who mainly drink out of plastic water bottles are ingesting an average of 90,000 plastic particles per year, on top of whatever other chemicals are used to make the bottles. We aren't in to that, so a reusable water bottle is the way to go.

You hop into the shower! Turn on “Mr. Blue Sky”, because we’re feeling good, we’re hydrated, we are ready to tackle the day. Your shower is lasting 5-7 minutes. About 2 songs worth, or Mr.Blue Sky twice, no judgment here. If you are a fan of affordable water bills, you probably have a low-flow showerhead. Also, the colder the shower, the better. No pressure, but there are multiple health benefits to cold showers, like reduced stress levels, higher immunity, and a faster metabolism. Just sayin’. 

Did you know that every piece of plastic ever created still exists on the earth today? Plastic takes up to 1,000 years to decompose. If only we could replace our (plastic) toothbrushes with a completely sustainable, compostable material, like bamboo? Oh wait, we can. We can actually go through the whole day not using any plastic at all. Brush those pearly whites like you have a planet to save! 

MamaP Bamboo Brushes

Before You Leave the House

Time to get dressed. You, a brilliant, thoughtful, gorgeous human, pick out a super cute and comfortable Threads 4 Thought T-shirt. Because you invest in ethically and sustainably sourced clothing brands that support in-need communities and are setting the standard for the fashion industry! So proud of you. Who knew you could play an active role in combating the climate crisis and unethical practices with a single T-shirt? 

 Visit Threads4Thought

Visit Threads4Thought

Before we embrace the warm and inviting sun: sunscreen. And we’re using SurfDurt, obviously. Do you want wrinkles or not? I care about you and your radiant youthful skin. Throw on some antioxidant rich, natural, good for you screen that not only nurtures your face but is reef safe! Whaaat! 90% of sunscreens on the market are extremely toxic to coral reefs. (Link to surf durt about us page) One drop can damage (the equivalent of) up to 6 OLYMPIC SIZED SWIMMING POOLS. One drop. We have the choice to do better. 

Visit SurfDurt

Running Errands 

We’re ready to go grocery shopping, and, you’ve heard it here first: we are bringing our own bags. I know, you didn’t see that one coming. Reusing your single use (plastic/paper) bags is a great, sustainable option! There are also wonderful brands like Bountiful Bag, offering sturdy, super fun, long lasting bags. They are also made from upcycled waste from craft beer and entertainment industries and donate part of their proceeds to I Love a Clean San Diego. So badass. Every small change can make a difference. 

Visit The Bountiful Bag

What are we shopping for? Homemade vegan mac and cheese ingredients, of course, from one of my all time favorite plant based role models Elavegan! I can tell you first hand, her mac is even tastier than it looks. A plant dominant diet is not only the healthiest for our bodies, but also generates the smallest carbon footprint. I know, how exciting? I’ll say it again, just for you. The healthiest diet for our bodies, and the most eco-friendly diet are one and the same. Whole fruits, whole vegetables, nuts, seeds. Keep it simple, people!

Visit Elavegan

You don’t have to up and change everything you do in one go, but start with one thing. Something that spoke to you. 

All of these suggestions actually turn out to be more efficient, money-saving, and healthier all around. Your wellbeing and the planet’s wellbeing go hand in hand. We are all connected, we are all one. Too deep? The light in me sees and appreciates the light in you. I hope this helps. Namaste. 

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Written by Kim Novak, Social Media Lead at MamaP


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