It's Easy Being Green - 5 Simple Ways To Start

I often hear how busy people are and they don't have time to do the whole 'green thing'. I've found that it's easier to start with one thing at a time - baby steps!

Here are some easy ways to cut back on waste that I incorporate into my daily life:

🛍Say no to plastic bags - bring your own!

🐢When ordering a drink, tell them you don’t need a straw. Ya know, because of the turtles 

💦Carry a reusable water bottle, especially while traveling. Loads of airports have refillable water bottle stations now 

👕Cut old t-shirts into squares and use rags to wipe surfaces, clean up messes, or wipe doggy paws. Wash with laundry and reuse. It’ll save you $$ on buying paper towels!

😁Use a bamboo toothbrush - like MamaP's

But wait, there's more. After loads of research, I found two items that are completely life changing!

1. Bamboo Charcoal Water Filter Sticks. These are AWESOME. Say goodbye to plastic filters and hello to crisp water and biodegradable filters. Use an old pitcher or buy glass bottles with cork plugs. Both work well!

Alternative to plastic water bottles and water filters. A plastic-free solution for better tasting tap water using sustainable bamboo never activated with chemicals.


2. Attachable bidet. Get an extra clean while saving $$ on buying tp. Super easy to install - took less than 10 minutes!

Many parts of the world use these, so it's nothing new. What I love about it is how clean it makes you feel! Pat dry with a towel (throw in laundry) and voila - you'll feel so fresh and so clean. 

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