MamaP Is More Than Just A Toothbrush Company

MamaP Bamboo Toothbrush, The Sustainable Toothbrush That Makes A Difference

With something as simple as a toothbrush, what if you could contribute to making the world a better place? The goal of MamaP, a brand of sustainable bamboo toothbrushes, is to encourage customers to begin with small changes, such as ditching your plastic toothbrush. The company was built on a three-fold mission with proceeds from each purchase donated to different social and environmental causes: to take care of our health, to be kind to the environment and to give back to the community.

Over one billion plastic toothbrushes end up in landfills in the United States alone each year. CEO and founder Suzan Hernandez, disturbed by this fact, decided to purchase a bamboo toothbrush, but was disappointed with the result. "The bristles were stiff, it was uncomfortable to use and after the first use, black spots began to grow. It arrived in plastic packaging as well. I wanted something better for my health, that felt good to use, that looked beautiful, and that was built from beginning to end with sustainability. So I decided to do my own thing," she says.

Stand with women

Cutting Back On Plastic Is Not Our Only Goal. We Also Believe Businesses Can Exist Ro Help Drive Social Change.

MamaP toothbrushes with a circular economy in mind have been designed. Only recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable materials are used, from the toothbrush itself to the packaging it comes in. Bamboo and non-toxic paint are the toothbrush handles, and DuPont nylon bristles can be recycled at specialty recycling locations. The packaging is made of undyed, kraft paper with soybean oil ink, which means that one day not a single portion of MamP toothbrushes will end up in a landfill.

The toothbrushes come in six different styles, each corresponding to a cause, to which 5% of the proceeds are donated. This includes save the bees yellow, ocean conservation blue, LGBTQ+ Equality rainbow, women's rights red, and mental health green. Customers are very connected to the colors because they have some meaning.

The sustainable toothbrush

In order to describe the core of the give-back commitment, MamaP uses the term "intersectional environmentalism." It refers to an inclusive version of environmentalism that advocates both the protection of people and the planet, recognizing that social injustices, particularly for marginalized communities, are also caused by environmental injustices.

During the 2016 election cycle, while she was living in Hell's Kitchen, New York, a diverse and progressive neighborhood, MamaP 's mission was triggered. Suzan says, "The community pushed for so much: equality and human rights, healthcare, and the environment, but it felt like an uphill fight. I realized that individuals are inherently passionate about helping, but they feel stuck not knowing which route to take.." MamaP has made giving back a little easier to customers for this reason.

Alternative To Plastic Toothbrushes

The handle is compostable and lightweight. Bristles are durable and made from recyclable DuPont Nylon wherever nylon is accepted.

Early decay is avoided by the non-toxic paint tip and lasts as long as other leading plastic toothbrushes (except that they will not last 1,000 years like the plastic ones). An ergonomic handle and rounded smooth head make it very pleasant to brush with.

Our brushes do more than keep your teeth clean, they empower you and the causes you love!

Choose Your Color. Choose Your Cause.

  • Each color supports a cause
  • 5% of the revenue goes to non-profits
  • 1% For The Planet Member
  • Womxn & minority owned business

Green Bamboo Toothbrush For Mental Health

The sustainable toothbrush

From the little things in life, including the simple act of brushing your teeth, happiness comes. Through promoting mental health awareness in your community, spread joy with each brushing session.

Blue Bamboo Toothbrush For Ocean Conservation

The sustainable toothbrush

71% of the planet is covered by oceans and is home to important species and ecosystems that we rely on for food, livelihoods, climate control and more. Our magnificent oceans are in profound distress. The adverse impact of emissions of greenhouse gases from human activity can already be seen today. And its adverse effects include rising temperatures of the air and water, acidification of the oceans, bleaching of corals, loss of marine mammals, and decreased fisheries. Ocean Conservation is symbolized by the colors of the Blue Bamboo toothbrush lines. To protect the vitality of marine ecosystems and coastal communities, we have to act now. 


Red Bamboo Toothbrush For Womxn's Rights

The sustainable toothbrush

The Red line of MamaP Red Bamboo toothbrushes support the rights of womxn. And since the reproductive health of womxn has been shown to influence socio-economic progress, MamaP is committed to giving womxn a leading role in making decisions that affect their own well-being, which is why we have made these toothbrushes specifically to support this cause.


Yellow Bamboo Toothbrush For Saving The Bees

The sustainable toothbrush

Did you know that bee populations are falling at an alarming rate? 'Colony Collapse' is occurring all over the world due things like increased pesticide use and pollution By protecting our pollinating friends from extinction, you get a natural buzz. Bee-bee-bee honey, yellow is certainly your color.


Rainbow Bamboo Toothbrush For LGBTQ+ Equality

The sustainable toothbrush

With one goal in mind, our rainbow bamboo toothbrush was created and the goal was building a world based on compassion and equal rights. Because equality goes hand in hand with sustainability.


3-Pack Kids Bamboo Toothbrushes

The sustainable toothbrush

With this adorable toothbrush, have your little ones buzzing for joy. By supporting three different causes with each color, spread joy with each brushing session.


Melanin Bamboo Toothbrushes For Reform

The sustainable toothbrush

There are currently nearly 2.3 million Americans imprisoned. 40.2 percent of this total are black men. Remember that only about 6.5 percent of the US population consists of black men. "Right now, we now have more African-Americans under criminal supervision than all the slaves back in the 1850s," as Senator Cory Booker claims. We discovered this unbelievable non-profit called The Innocence Project through comprehensive analysis. Their goal is to liberate the astounding number of innocent people who remain imprisoned and to change the framework responsible for their unjust imprisonment.

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