NEW! Bamboo Toothbrush Gift And Travel Packs

Beautiful, simple, and quality designs have always driven my aesthetic. From the clothes I wear to the items kept at home. I often keep things for years because the quality allows for it and the designs are relatively timeless. So when people asked for recommendations on the most sustainable way to travel with their bamboo toothbrush, I explore the ritual of travel. In speaking with folks about their traveling rituals, I learned that:
1. People don't change their brushes as nearly as often as they should. The ADA recommends ~3 months.
2. Plastic tubes and cases are the most commonly used - and they don't allow for proper drying.
3. There's usually not a designated place for your brush and it takes "creativity" to find a hygienic and functional solution.
That's where our new travel and gift sets come in. Using cotton linen bags, they allow brushes to dry naturally, offering a loosely knitted cloth to absorb moisture. The ceramic toothbrush holder offers a small and portable stand solution to hold the brush upright, keeping it clean on travels. I love this set because everything is so easy to clean - a ritual that just about everyone does when returning home. The bag is washable - throw it in the laundry and the ceramic holder you can wash with water. It's all so simple, lightweight, and colorful. (Fun)ctional gift giving at its best 🎁 highlighted The Duet in travel set in red. With the Holiday season almost here (can't believe it's almost December!). Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Best Travel Gifts for Badass Feminists
"Feminists get stuff done, and they’re always multi-tasking, just like this great-looking toothbrush. Made from bamboo, it’s lightweight and compostable, as is the cotton linen bag that keeps it protected during travel. The handcrafted handle has red bristles and a painted red bottom to prevent water from pooling and to signify that 10% of sales go towards protecting women’s rights and reproductive health. This should provide enough incentive to keep brushing. Price: $12" Thank you to @loisaltermark for the feature.
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