New Product Alert! Launching on Indiegogo.

Hi Everyone 👋 I’d like to introduce myself and share an exciting announcement!

MamaP eco friendly products
👉 Over 3 years ago I started  with a simple idea. What if a company made products good for our health and the planet. What if that company gave back to different causes and let the community decide where to donate. That’s why MamaP started with bamboo toothbrushes. Pick your color and choose your cause. 5% of sales support important causes like ocean conservation to supporting mental health.
MamaP supports non profits
👉 From the very beginning, I started researching and testing home care products - going on 3 years now. And you know what? A lot of the current “eco” products require you to make compromises. They aren't durable and don't feel good. It’s wild nobody has innovated in the home cleaning tools space. But I care….I care a lot about stagnant spaces that produce a lot of plastic waste. And so does the entire team at MamaP

❌ Over 1.2 million dish brushes are thrown away every year. That’s a lot of plastic ending up in the landfill and oceans.

MamaP eco friendly dish brush launching soon on indiegogo
✅ The new Eco Home line will launch with a dish brush. Reusable handles are made of recycled plastic with replaceable wooden heads (w/ plant-based bristles). They are durable and biodegradable - no more tossing entire plastic brushes in the trash! 🙅‍♀️
MamaP eco friendly dish brush launching soon on indiegogo
🚀 We are launching on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding platform. This allows you to pre-order and become a “backer”. YOU can help us bring this project to life simply by pre-ordering! There are hefty up front costs to start production because this has never been made before. Prototypes are built and they look awesome!
We’re ready to start production asap.


Sign Up Here. You can get up to 50% off on launch day and buy 7 months of supplies for under $25!
Ask them to consider signing up for the email list and sharing with 10 of their friends. We’ll notify everyone when the campaign goes live so our earliest backers get deep discounts.
MamaP eco friendly dish brush launching soon on indiegogo
❤️ We’ll have different members of the team introduce themselves throughout. So feel free to drop us a line with any questions you have along the way. Here’s a quick snapshot of our team:
🧡 14 people on the team across 5 time zones
💛 86% are minority
💚 71% are womxn
💙 64% are womxn of color
💜 7% are LGBTQ+
We’re building a different type of company. One that celebrates diversity and is passionate about healthy people and the planet. Join our journey by supporting the Indiegogo campaign - SIGN UP NOW!
Together, we can do good and live better. Everyday.

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