How To Roadtrip Responsibly

By Suz Hernandez, MamaP CEO

Blame it on the extended quarantine. Maybe it’s the lack of public places to go. Or is it the cooler mornings and nights creeping in that signal the changing of seasons to come.

Whatever the cause, this summer has flown by faster than any other summer. Sure, folks are camping and road-tripping more, but it’s strange to not fly cross-country to visit family. Or head to a favorite or new international destination. This summer (and year) is definitely one for the books.

road trip responsibly by planning ahead

This year it seems our world has gotten smaller and has allowed folks to take time to themselves. People, now more than ever, are being pushed to reassess their priorities and consumption. Many will reconsider their values around consumption and spending. The new normal has closed offices and has brought work into the home. Both Google and Facebook have announced remote working until Summer 2021. Schools and Universities are considering distanced learning through the fall - and in some cases the entire year. The rise in virtual gatherings - learning, work, and entertainment, is here for a while.

self care is self love

So where does this leave vacation? There’s still time left to book your end of summer vacation! For many Americans looking for low-risk ways to venture out, that means going on road trips, sticking closer to home, and avoiding states where virus cases are spiking. Whether heading to nature and camping or renting an airbnb house on the water - the good news is, we’ve got options. We’ve put together helpful tips to consider when planning vacations.

traveling during a pandemic - cook from home and bring your own utensils and cleaners!
Photo of how Suz roadtrips responsibly - cooking at home and bringing a dish brush

Airbnb, or other home rental site:

The #1 thing to consider is WHERE. Consider both the area’s covid case rates and out of state quarantine requirements. Conversely, it’s not respectful traveling from a high rate area to a low rate area - for nonessential travel. Look for homes with well equipped kitchens and enough space inside and outside for your group or family. Prepare ahead of time for the trip. Bring disinfectant and paper towels. In these pandemic times, you may need to make a few eco concessions to keep your family safe and healthy. 

Here are our list of favorite items to bring:

  • Zero waste dish soap and kitchen brushes to minimize cross contamination
  • Toothbrush stand to ensure our brushes were kept clean
  • A travel bag for our toothbrushes to protect them during travel
  • Your own spices to use in cooking at home (most days)
  • A nutri blender so we could make morning protein smoothies
  • Your own toiletries to help minimize contact in the home
  • Water pitcher and charcoal stick filter
    • Finding nearby places in nature to explore - kayaking on rivers, hiking on trails, or heading to a state beach (where there’s more space for social distancing)

Lastly, choose hosts with good cleaning reviews, take only longer (1 week+) stays, and/or put 72-hour windows between bookings. For more information on Airbnb’s covid-19 updates


About the author: Suz Hernandez has a passion and drive for blending consumer products with purpose, sustainability, and design. She enjoys cooking new recipes and spending time with loved ones.

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