Vote With Us, For Us

When we make our choice we must ensure that we vote for the most valuable things in our lives, our homes: we must vote for the health of our minds, the health of our bodies, and the health of our planet. At MamaP we have always been passionate about the causes that cover these, and now is the time for us to advocate louder. Every purchase of our green bamboo toothbrush donates a portion to support Mental Health. The National Alliance on Mental Illness, a non-profit organization helps educate communities on mental Illness as well as support those that need it. Our red bamboo toothbrushes helps protects Womxn's Rights. Planned Parenthood provides healthcare for womxn and anyBODY. Our rainbow toothbrushes that support LGBTQ+ Equality. The work of The Trevor Project protects the LGBTQ+ youth and provides them with support services. When it comes to taking care of our planet, our blue bamboo toothbrushes support ocean conservation. The Ocean Foundation works to support a healthy ocean and offset carbon footprints. The yellow bamboo toothbrushes help Save The Bees. The Xerces Society helps protect pollinators and invertebrates. But our advocacy to these causes doesn’t stop here, we need your help. We need you to vote with us, with these causes in mind.

Vote With Us, For Us

We must vote for healthcare for all, not just for the few or for the privileged. We must vote for healthcare that covers mental health as well as reproductive health for womxn, not just for people who can afford it, but especially for those who can’t. We must vote for black lives, trans rights and womxn’s rights, because we are all human regardless of gender or race. We must vote for the health of our planet because it’s the only one we have, and taking care of our oceans and pollinators creates a symbiotic relationship that preserves the earth so we can all live in it for longer.

We are a company that sells sustainable alternatives to household items and we’re upholding our political beliefs because sustainability that intersects across health, race and gender has become a political issue: the current administration has been ignoring the climate emergency for capitalist gain, to the disadvantage of communities with residents of Black, Indigenous, people of color. They have also ignored womxn’s rights and trans rights, and has been a purveyor of lies that are detrimental to mental health. So despite being only a company that sells sustainable alternatives, the causes behind our advocacy are at stake in this election.

There is a choice right in front of us for progress. We need you to vote with us, so we can continue our support for healthcare, equality, and the planet. We vote for  progress we’ve been fighting for and truly, duly, deserve.

For information on how to register to vote or the causes to keep in mind when voting, we’ve compiled a guide for you here.

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