Why Seagrass and Bamboo Brushes Help To Combat Climate Change

So you want to make a difference in the world and fight climate change? We make it simple and easy for you. With each purchase, you support SeaGrass Grow by The Ocean Foundation.

seagrass grow sea grass mamap mama p bamboo brush climate change carbon offset ocean foundation

We not only wanted to provide a carbon offset to our business, but we wanted it to be meaningful and beneficial to life on the planet. Here are the reasons we love seagrass:

💚 Fights climate change. Seagrass is 35x more effective than rainforests in sequestering.
💚 Economic benefits. For every $1 in costal restoration, $15 in net economic benefit is created
💚 Provides habitat for animals and food. 1 acre of seagrass may support up to 40,000 fish species and 50 million small invertebrates like crabs, oysters, and mussels.
💚 Protects coastlines. Seagrass meadows and mangroves reduce flooding from storm surges and hurricanes.
seagrass grow sea grass mamap mama p bamboo brush ocean conservation climate change toothbrush give back
A percentage of each bamboo brush goes to support SeaGrass Grow. Visit our shop and make a difference in combating climate change. 
mamap bamaboo brush toothbrush brush with purpose climate change seagrass grow sea grass ocean conservation

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