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Blue Bamboo Toothbrush 5-Pack For Ocean Conservation


Make waves with your morning routine. And swing the tide of ocean conservation in nature's favor.

✅Handle is lightweight and compostable 

✅Choose soft or medium nylon bristles

✅Non-toxic paint tip — prevents bamboo decay to last as long as other leading toothbrushes

⭐️Free shipping in the US, approx 2-3 days

🌊Sales from the blue line go towards conserving the world’s oceans

Our magnificent oceans are in deep trouble. The negative impact of greenhouse gas emissions from human activity can already be seen today. And its adverse effects include rising air and water temperatures, ocean acidification, coral bleaching, sea level rise, loss of marine mammals, and the decline of fisheries. We must act now to protect the vitality of marine ecosystems and coastal communities. Understanding the urgency of the situation, we proudly support the work of The Ocean Foundation.

The Ocean Foundation supports, strengthens, and promotes organizations dedicated to reversing the destruction found in ocean environments worldwide.




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