Sisal Soap Saver Bag by Toza


Sisal bar saver bags are the best way to care for your natural handmade bar soap, shampoo, or conditioner bars. They will last twice as long when properly cared for.

This little bag is the most efficient way to get the most out of your bars. Get your lathering on without wearing down your bars too quickly. 

The sisal’s texture also helps contribute an amazing exfoliation effect. You can use it directly on your scalp with our shampoo or conditioner bars, or on your skin with a soap bar. Not ready for so much exfoliation? Use the soap saver bag to lather up your hands and apply that to your scalp or skin. Either way, an amazing shower will be achieved. 

Is it almost time to re-order your shampoo? Don’t let any of the small pieces go to waste, our bar saver bag has got your back! Place them all in there and use them up down to the last piece. 

About Sisal?

  • Sisal is a natural fiber harvested from the agave plant. Its sturdy yet soft texture makes it the perfect match for creating suds and exfoliation. This eco-friendly material dries quickly and is quite durable. 100% natural and compostable. 

Care Instructions:

  • For best results make sure you remove your bar from the bag and give it a light rinse when you’re done using it. Hang it in your shower to dry. Machine washable. Boil your bag for 5 minutes to sanitize. Replace bag after 4-6 months depending on use.


MamaP Values:


Our Give Back:

5% of this purchase will be donated to Ocean Conservation.


About Toza:

Toza is a womxn's and LGBTQ+-owned business based in Louisville, Kentucky. They make 

Handmade products that are free of plastic and 100% natural – just like the skin we're in. Good for you, good for the planet. That's the ethos of Tōza. 

Made in the United States of America

1% for the planet
  • We are proud members of 1% For The Planet and commit to donate at least 1% of sales to the planet.
  • That's why we selected SeaGrass Grow (The Ocean Foundation) to help us reach our carbon offset goals.
  • You're probably wondering, what Seagrass is and how it's related to carbon emissions. To learn more head over to our Carbon Offset page here.

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