Wool Dryer Balls - 6 Pack


Hello soft clothes, bye-bye chemicals. 

These eco-friendly wool dryer balls 6 pack soften, de-wrinkle, and reduce drying time. 

These wool dryer balls improve the drying cycle by separating large clumps of wet clothing which allows warm air to circulate evenly and shorten the time needed for the perfect dry. These wool dryer balls save energy, protect your clothing, eliminate static cling and last for maaaany loads ( 1000 loads or so).

Regular dryer sheets have chemicals that attach to the fabric to soften them reducing breathability or absorption, wool dryer balls will soften fabrics without adding anything. Longer-lasting clothing, and fewer unwanted environmental hazards. 

Naturally unscented, perfect for people with sensitivities to fragrance (and babies). But if you like a bit of scent, just remove a couple of the balls after the clothes have completely dried, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and tumble them with your laundry for ten minutes on the no-heat setting (heat will destroy the fragrance oil).

Safe for all laundry types. 

Packaged in a beautiful hand-printed muslin cloth bag. This pack of dryer balls is good for 6,000+ loads of laundry! 


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Our Give Back:

5% of this purchase will be donated to Ocean Conservation.


About Toza:

Toza is a womxn and LGBTQ+-owned business based in Louisville, Kentucky. They make 

Handmade products that are free of plastic and 100% natural – just like the skin we're in. Good for you, good for the planet. That's the ethos of Tōza. 

Made in the United States of America

1% for the planet
  • We are proud members of 1% For The Planet and commit to donate at least 1% of sales to the planet.
  • That's why we selected SeaGrass Grow (The Ocean Foundation) to help us reach our carbon offset goals.
  • You're probably wondering, what Seagrass is and how it's related to carbon emissions. To learn more head over to our Carbon Offset page here.

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