Our Carbon-Offset Solution And Why We Chose It

It has become very alarming how carbon emissions are now higher than ever in human history. All of us as people, corporations, businesses, and structures of government force more and more carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses into our atmosphere from our everyday lives. This is why it is more important now than ever to make the right efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and save the planet. While there are many carbon offset solutions, it is important to know that some methods have a greater impact on the environment than others.

Here at MamaP, we have a strong stance on threading sustainability throughout every step of our processes. We carefully select the materials for our products that have high quality functionality and are friendly to the Earth. Our packaging is both compostable and biodegradable, and we have carefully researched and enabled what we think to be one of the most effective ways to offset carbon and save the planet. We utilize the SeaGrass Grow Program which conducts coastal habitat restoration projects around the world by seagrass planting (rehabilitating and conserving seagrass meadows), mangrove forests, and salt marshes to capture and sequester CO2.

Carbon offsetting can be controversial since many companies can use it as a tool for ‘greenwashing’. Additionally, it is very easy for anyone to start a carbon offset program and many carbon offset programs aren’t regulated which is why it is best to do research before participating. For example, many companies claim that carbon offsetting focuses on reforestation and that planting more trees will justify them putting out loads of carbon emissions. While in reality, trees take a very long time to grow, not to mention require a ton of land and resources. The effects of these “carbon offsets” won’t be seen for a while since the faster that trees are growing, the more carbon they can suck up, which means new growth is not as valuable as a carbon sink as are long standing forests. Alternatively, seagrass planting is a triple impact solution since it doesn’t require water like trees do and doesn’t take many years to mature for it to start being effective enough to offset carbon. Seagrass also contributes to a very necessary ecosystem due to their productivity level, seagrasses provide food, habitat, and nursery areas for numerous vertebrate and invertebrate species. It also serves as a protective shield for coastal homes during storms. We chose to support the Seagrass Grow Program because it has so many benefits to the environment and society. When you purchase products from our Ocean Collection, you are supporting Seagrass Grow

It is crucial to clarify that we are not a perfect company. We are not completely zero’ing our carbon footprint with the materials we use and our packaging because we still produce carbon emissions within some of our processes such as shipping. We recognize that producing carbon emissions is an inevitable part of running a business, and it is our goal to do our part to offset carbon in a thoughtful and well-researched way. 

What is SeaGrass?

Seagrass is the only flowering plant that lives underwater. It can be found in shallow water and is one of the most productive ecosystems in the world. Seagrasses are a reliable source of carbon sequestration and are responsible for 11% of the organic carbon buried in the ocean

What makes the SeaGrass Grow Program different? 

The SeaGrass grow blue carbon calculator is a very accessible tool for consumers to use so that they can easily be a part of and understand the process. Through this innovative program, individuals or businesses can use the calculator to calculate the carbon footprint of their home, workplace or travel and offset it to restore and protect seagrass. This encourages people and companies to do more research and figure out what they can do to change. Investing in SeaGrass grow include many benefits such as:

  • Seagrass habitats are 35x more effective than amazonian rainforests in their carbon uptake.
  • A single acre of seagrass supports a huge ecosystem of marine life that includes as many as 40,000 fish and 50 million small invertebrates like crabs, oysters and mussels. 
  • For every $1 invested in coastal restoration projects, $15 in net economic benefits is created. 
  • Seagrass meadows reduce flooding from storm surges and hurricanes by dissipating wave energy.

Carbon Offsetting When Shopping With MamaP

In 2021, we offset 177 tonnes of carbon through Seagrass Grow which is the equivalent of:

  • Growing close to 5,318 mature trees
  • Over 266 average homes’ monthly electricity
  • Over 128 acres of US forests in 1 year
  • 12.2 million smartphones charged

We offset our carbon footprint with 1% of a customer’s purchase since our products are very light and sustainable compared to other leading brands. When comparing our laundry sheets to a generic laundry pod, the laundry pods tend to be more dangerous and harmful to both people and the environment. Studies show that detergents that include 1,4-Dioxane have effects that range from damaging the marine environment to increasing the risk of health issues in humans. When it comes to shipping, a container of detergent pods emits 2,242.69 grams of CO2 if shipped by air from Los Angeles to New York while a pack of our laundry sheets emit 267.80 grams of CO2. While shipping our products does still create CO2, it is significantly less when compared to other leading brands. This is why it is a priority for MamaP products such as our laundry sheets, to be made with only the purest ingredients and 100% plastic-free packaging. 

In conclusion

As carbon emission rates grow at an all time high, we must do more than reduce plastic in order to make Earth a better place. The SeaGrass Grow Program is only a fraction of how we’re climate friendly. We weave sustainability into every step of our processes such as choosing ingredients and materials carefully to avoid adding to our carbon footprint. Our priority is bringing clean, healthy products and support to individuals, communities and the planet. 


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