Why We Support The Mission Of The Ocean Foundation

One of our favorite non-profits is The Ocean Foundation. When I first started looking into non-profits for MamaP bamboo toothbrushes to support, I found this organization. After speaking with people, supporting a healthy ocean was at the top of just about everyone's list. So I set out to find a non-profit that was financially responsible and transparent, that had programs to benefit North America and other parts of the world needing help, and that shared similar values that MamaP had.
On Charity Navigator, you can search for your favorite non-profits and see how they rank with financial and accountability & transparency. Organizations with an "A" rating allow auditors to review records and are open to sharing how they run their organizations. I knew as a small business just launching, finding an organization that used funding on actual program expenses (as opposed to predominantly fundraising efforts), was an important indicator in the selection. The Ocean Foundation uses 85.3% of funding for their programs (Percent of the charity's total expenses spent on the programs and services it delivers). They also score a 96.46 out of 100 overall.
What I also love about The Ocean Foundation is they have global programs - from SeaGrass Grow that plants seagrass to restore biodiversity and offset carbons to Ocean Acidification projects that fund scientists to monitor levels and train more people.
If you're a lover of our oceans like I am, I encourage you to learn more about The Ocean Foundation and consider donating to support them. They're an awesome organization that are doing pretty great things to support healthy oceans.
You can also calculate your annual carbon footprint and offset it through their SeaGrass Grow program. Their current program is focused on Jobos Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Puerto Rico, USA. With Hurricane Maria's destruction, planting seagrass helps to restore seagrass beds in Jobos Bay that will provide "blue carbon" (converts carbon to oxygen at higher rates than the Amazon Rainforest), infrastructure, and hurricane resilience benefits. In other words, it helps to
-Restore the integrity and extent of seagrass meadows to make them more effective in reducing wave action and storm surges (to protect both surrounding urban and agricultural areas)
-Improve local water quality
-Helps to mitigate the impacts of surrounding agricultural activities and urban runoff
-Provides much-needed income for local dive fishermen and seagrass researchers suffering from economic impacts of recent hurricanes
Turtle, dolphin, shark, coral, and wave lovers - click here to learn more about the work TOF does and how you can make an impact in the future of our oceans.
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Photo credit: Ian Zamora

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