How To Recycle Beauty Packaging

We talk a lot about how earth friendly our MamaP bamboo toothbrushes are - the handle is compostable, and there are recyclable toothbrush bristles - even the packaging and shipping materials are plastic-free and compostable. How amazing, right? If you're like us, we us more than a bamboo brush to help with our beauty routine. We've got sparkly and clean smiles 😁 But what about body care - and just as important - end of life for beauty product packaging?

burts bees beauty products

We just love Burt's Bees - their products are made with ingredients from nature, with responsible sourcing, no animal testing, and recyclable packaging. How cool is that? While we may strive for a zero-waste lifestyle, we're happy to settle with low-waste. Gotta take care of our Mother Earth 🌎


Taking care of Pachamama - Mother Earth

Now we know people are super loyal to their beauty products and not all brands are able to offer 100% recyclable packaging - so what's a person to do? That's why we turned to our friends over at Paradox, whose mission is to, "produce clean, healthy beauty products that are effective, sustainably-sourced, and made by women." They believe it's about taking small steps along the way. Here are a few of their pointers:

Learn The Basics Of Recycling

Not all plastics, paper, or metal items can be recycled. Womp, womp. However, by taking a few minutes to learn what items are typically recyclable, can help you in the long run. Here's a great overview, that's a quick read.

recyclable items - overview


Utilize Recycling Programs

We love TerraCycle's recycling programs. While certain programs are brand-specific (like with Burt's Bees), there are others that accept all brands - like Garnier's free beauty program. Did you know you can also send in MamaP bamboo brushes to TerraCycle as well?


While it's not always easy being green, we recommend making small changes in the everyday to help reach your goal.


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