Why Companies Should Play A Bigger Role In Saving The Planet

I got to sit down with the lovely team at Hey Social Good! to talk MamaP's beginnings, brands' responsibilities in consumer education, and tips for living a greener life.

Hey Social Good! Is a company that connects people to companies who are proactively making a positive impact. They rank companies based on give back and sustainability efforts, and include badges on each profile denoting the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Couple that with the Founder Cindy Lin's vision to use data and analytics to rank, it's no wonder this ex-EPA lawyer turned founder is leading the charge in brand transparency.

Cindy and I met last year in 2019 - we met on social media and had an instant connection. "You're tackling brand transparency too? Awesome!" Was our first words to each other. Both female founders and entrepreneurs, trying to make this world a better place. When Cindy was visiting NYC, we just had to meet in person. It was refreshing speaking with Cindy - we had many shared values and interests. Hey Social Good was still in the building-phase and MamaP had only launched in Fall 2018. It was cool sharing building-stories.


rainbow bamboo toothbrush at the alchemist's kitchen


Earlier this year, Hey Social Good's platform launched and Cindy invited me on her podcast - The Good Smack. Listen to the episode here.

Here's an excerpt from the podcast:
"MamaP founder, Suz, got sick of plastic waste all around us and decided to do something about it. She's on a mission to eliminate over 1 billion disposable plastic toothbrushes in one year. Listen to how Suz spats out toothbrush stats like you've never heard and how it's on businesses to better educate consumers. She previously worked at the athletic company, Nike, and used her skills to create a brand that offers better designed eco-friendly and ergonomic products, such as authentically sustainable bamboo toothbrushes. Each toothbrush tip is uniquely colored and gives to a specific cause, such as ocean protection, bee hives, and more."

why companies should play a bigger role in saving the planet

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